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* The only education requirement to get your real estate license is the sales associate pre-license course*

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“Michelle is an amazing instructor who cares very deeply for each student she teaches.  She is incredibly passionate about helping students pass the state exam with the pre-licensing and prep courses and then making sure they are set up to succeed with the post-licensing course.  I am so glad I was able to meet Michelle through the process.  I’m not sure I would have passed the state exam on my first attempt if not for her assistance!  I highly recommend you take Michelle’s courses if you want to excel.” -Shannon Mann

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!  What an incredible instructor sharing all sorts of ways to remember things and help you pass you test the first time around.  I have been a broker in another state for many years, and when it came to taking the Florida test I was quite nervous.  After studying and being tutored in these classes I flew through the Florida real estate test having only two questions that I was unsure of.  Excellent resources and instructor!!!!” -Cindy Baldwin

“Michelle was a very informative and personable instructor.  She made sure we all understood our books and were completely prepared to take and pass our exams.  I would highly recommend any of my friends wanting to become a real estate agent to this school.” -Jah Linn

“Wonderful experience and great teacher.  I passed my test the first time!  I would highly recommend Magnolia School of Real Estate for all training.” -Jennifer Bachnik

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Michelle Earley

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Michelle is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Magnolia School of Real Estate. She has a passion for providing each student with all the material they’ll need to pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate exam. After spending countless hours researching and preparing material, she’s ready to share her knowledge with you!

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How To Obtain A Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License

  1.                                                                                1: Meet the Florida Real Estate Commission requirements;  

  2.                                                                                     Must be at least 18 years old & have a high school diploma or equivalent

  3.                                                                                    *It is not necessary to be a Florida resident or a U.S. citizen*   

  4.                                                                               2: Complete a 63-hour pre-license course and pass class exam

  5.                                                                               3: Apply for a Florida real estate sales associate license at

  6.                                                                               4: Submit fingerprints (choose desired location)

  7.                                                                               5: Pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate State exam